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WK Auto-Engine Wizard- 3 Bottle Pack( 30g per Bottle)

WK Auto-Engine Wizard- 3 Bottle Pack( 30g per Bottle)

SKU: WKA-10000

Engine Wizard Oil Additive Treatment

For Gas and Diesel Engines

Add to engine lube-protect against power- robbing friction causing heat and wear.


Engine Wizard is the only plant-based extract engine oil additive developed on the market, stable and safe to use. Tests have been done on 10W40 and 5W30 oils and Hybrid cars. It can withstand temperature down to -50ºC. Effective and quick results: only takes 3~5 minutes. Suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines use


Easy to use and compatible with any engine oil, hydraulic oil, cutting lubricant and synthetic oil. Typical flash point over 103ºC. Not hazardous to ship by land/sea/ air.

*Used with Reduction Wizard for the maximum effect.



  • Longer & Smoother Fuel Burn
  • Full Combustion
  • Improved Fuel Economy & Power
  • Reduced Harmful Emission
  • Prolonged Engine Life
  • Better Heat Transmission
  • Cooler Combustion
  • Lower CO2 Emissions
  • Reduced Engine Wear
  • Use Lower Octane Gasoline Use
  • Cleaner Crankcase Oil


WKA-10000: Engine Wizard- 3 Bottle Pack ( 30g per Bottle) 

A bottle of Engine Wizard treats engines that use 4-8 U.S. quarts/ liters of oil.

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