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Our Believe

    White Knight Kingdom owes its name to the Knights of the Middle Ages, adopting their sterling qualities of integrity and chivalry. It represents the company’s corporate responsibility to society, whereby benefits are shared with the employees, thus achieving sustainable management of the enterprise.

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Splendor Gold is for Customer Satisfaction

Endurance Red is for Exceptional Durability

Noble Purple is for Superior Quality
Respectful Black is for Employee Rights

All these together represent our varied and extensive range of products.



Discover- Uncover the customers need

Understand- Identify the challenges, Nail down the problem and Validate

Ideate-Gauge the potential impact and feasibility, then prioritize 

Deliver- We always deliver our best

Modern Bathroom

Our Mission is to offer excellent quality products, varied selection and

easy accessibility to our customers and clients and reinventing


Furniture Manufactory; Retail Shop; lifestyle consultant

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