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Covid 19 Impact in Furniture Industry:

Our lifestyle has changed drastically by the pandemic and this is having a discerning effect on the way the way we work, shop and conduct business. Consumer behavior and manufacturing trend has enhanced the importance of digitalization and automation for the furniture industry.

Shoppers are online looking for unique styles that reflects their social values and improves the comfort and functionality of their home. Along with the digital technology on communication tools we want to offer services by responding faster in consumer demand, strike the right balance of speed in operational efficiency, convenience of in-home shopping and competitive pricing to innovate our existing workflows.

Customers are deepening their comfort with online shopping and have come to expect high-quality products, transparent pricing, faster delivery and they want helpful service. And they want this experience if we can take the ease of online shopping and connect it to the online-to-in-store experience.

Business insight on recent increase in furniture pricing are due to:

  • An ‘aggressive’ fight over containers is causing shipping costs to rocket by 300%

  • Retailers are now in chase mode due to higher online shopping demand.

  • Supply Chain lead times are increasing as a result.

  • Factories are planning out for next year and order timeliness is crucial.

To keep pace with these changes, and adapt to the new demands of today’s hyper-connected consumer, WK Home is investing in digital technology and automation solutions. Our goal is to optimizing the production process to deliver innovative products faster without increasing costs or compromising on quality.

Splendor Gold is for Customer Satisfaction

Endurance Red is for Exceptional Durability

Noble Purple is for Superior Quality Respectful Black is for Employee Rights

We want to offer excellent quality products, varied selection and easy accessibility to our customers and clients and reinventing

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