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Top 6 Furniture Trends of 2022

2021 has been an turmoil year for everyone and what we need now is a safe and secure environment to live in. It reflected on the furniture design trend that most 2021 trends are aimed at creating comfortable, cozy rooms with a favorable atmosphere for rest, work, entertainment and everyday activities.

Colors affect our perception and create a certain mood. Some people like fun colorful shades and others prefer neutral and muted colors for calm and relaxation. Let's take a look at 6 main furniture trends in 2022 from our research.

1. Muted Colors

Muted colors are colors that have a low saturation as opposed to vivid colors. It makes you feel safe and secure; natural and organic or even nostalgic.

Soft pink shades are becoming popular since 2021 and combined and used with the similar tones or with brighter, contrasting colors such as yellow, green or darker blue also creates interesting visual impact.

2. Coziness with Rounded shapes.

The main trend in the manufacture of upholstered furniture in 2021 are cocoon shapes and it shall continuing into 2022. A fun trend that focuses on the simplistic beauty of mixing certain shapes, lines, and curves together for creative results.

Although the world is obsessed on speed and efficiency, furniture design is taking us back to the soft, smoothness, rounded shapes of 1970s. The interior is softened by these mellow shape and the look are more plush and elegant. Cocoon chair is one of the example, they offered a cozy, luxurious and comfortable sensation. It hugs your body and creating a hide out and intimate abode.

Beaumont Wide Lounge Chair by Jonathan Adler

3. Geometric Shape Everywhere

Ridged, hard edged geometric shape and patterns are considered stylish in textures, images and drawings on objects. Modern theme such as asymmetric shapes, large geometry prints and drawings in furnitures are aspire in fashion and interior design in 2022.

Black Aluminium Chair One chair by Magis

4. Natural Materials

As the world moves on we start to look into living in a more natural and basic way in every aspect of our lives. Mixing and combing different textures such as marble or quartzite embed into wood, gold tone metal caped wood legs, ceramics with concrete and metal are becoming of a trend.

Metal applications also are a stylish furniture trend in recent years. The use of gold, brass and bronze features in different parts of the furniture design.

Regarding turning back to nature, recognized brands also are raising the awareness of sustainability goal in their material choices like sustainably sourced wood, recycled polyesters, packing solutions, water based stains and OEKO-TEX Test that certifies either a garment, fabrics or trims that are free from harmful chemicals and dyes.


5. Minimalism can also be luxury

"Minimalism is defined by the rightness of what is there and by the richness with which this is experienced."

The principles of minimalism include serious directives—reduce forms, limit palettes, eliminate waste, and leave plenty of open spaces—there’s always room to have some fun. The minimal design furniture trend impresses in reduced living spaces with particularly high-quality highlights.

Minimalist chair by Christophe de Sousa

6. Smart Furniture

Smart Furniture is referred to all those furniture solutions that uses surrounding environment information to provide integrated functionality and comfort to its users.

They have the characteristics of style and built to saving space and focus on integrating with the latest IT technologies with the user's smartphone.

An upcoming trend and continue in growing demand: Consumer like the additional technology such as digital and automated feature on the furniture design.

Furniture with capacitive sensors by Fraunhofer IGD

Among the most recognizable trend in furniture 2022 are " Multifunctional’ furniture such as storage ottoman, bed with storage place or drawers , desks with shelves on top or tables can morph into different shapes or adjustable height; "Smaller and lighter" furniture adapts to our living patterns and portable.

Hope you enjoy reading this article and it gives you some information about the trend. You don't have to follow any of it, the thing is to listen to your heart. The key is being yourself. Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you live.

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