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Knight's Tale

White Knight Kingdom owes its name to the Knights of the Middle Ages, adopting their sterling qualities of integrity and chivalry. It represents the company’s corporate responsibility to society, whereby benefits are shared with the employees, thus achieving sustainable management of the enterprise.

Logo Color Inspiration

Gold color celebrates splendor;

Red is for endurance;

Purple for outstanding quality;

Black for employee rights.

All these together represent our varied and extensive range of products.

WK's Proposition

As part of the “Amazon effect,” the retail market is shifting increasingly to online purchasing, through popular sites like Wayfair,, and Joss & Maine.

WK Home understands the importance of retailer-supplier partnership. Successful collaboration efforts typically reduce stockpiling throughout the supply chain, lessen its environmental impact, and eliminate end-to-end costs. We aim to reduce costs and streamline stocks through better forecasting, faster order fulfillment and the use of joint warehouses or consolidation centers.

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