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How to choose the right accent chair?

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Choosing the accent chair to fit your current style of the room might be a daunting task. It requires an artistic mind. Style, texture, size and color, there are a lot to think about before making the purchase. We hope this blog can help you and make it easier for you in making the decision to pick the right accent piece that will compliment your space.


First to think about is the use of the accent chair in the space. Is it going to be a reading chair or a style statement? The key is knowing how you want to use the chair before picking the item of any fancy style. After defining the purpose, you can move on to the visual appeal.

There are tons of styles and textures to choose from online or in store, it's easy to get distracted and steered away from the style you are originally looking for. One tip is to keep an open mind to mix and match styles. If your home is more of a modern and chic style, an classic antique accent chair can be eye catching. It is difficult to know what or what not to do when you mix and match styles, however, your instincts and personal taste will keep you away from the horror.


An accent chair is a great way to add visual impact in the room and to make a focal point. If your space is more in a neutral tone than add a pop of color is a good choice for the accent chair. Pay attention to the color pallet and other elements in the room to create unity and color pattern.


A rule of thumb for any home decoration is to scale accordingly to the surrounding. A too large or too small accent chair makes the proportions off and makes it look awkward in the space.


If you enjoy having friends and guests over, you will want to have more than one accent chair. Odd number pleases the eye. Four chairs should be the maximum if your space allows it.


Placement depends on the layout of your space. Place accent chairs opposite of the main sofa or split with one chair on either side creates a conversational vibe.

Have more questions about how to choose the best accent chair for your space? Leave them in the comments!

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